The BEST Scan Works

  • How does it work?

The BEST Scan is a coronal imaging system coupled with proprietary mathematical algorithms that allow for the automatic translation of images into a fully interpretive whole-body report on the bio-field and electrophysiological status of organs and systems throughout the body. 

The coronal process involves energizing your electrolytic processes within your tissues – a completely safe and non-invasive process. The electrolytic processes encompass the local ion concentrations within your blood and cells, including the mitochondrial respiration processes.

Did you know that the body is a global electromagnetic communication system?

  • Every chemical/molecular interaction that occurs in the body is preceded and mediated by an electromagnetic signal. According to Dr. Harold Burr, the body’s energetic potentials in terms of voltage are indicators of health and disease states. When these voltages/electrical status fall out of a ‘normal’ range then there is the possibility that some form of dis-ease is present.
  • The electromagnetic signaling that occurs throughout the body is referred to as the orchestrating Biofield.
  • Electrical potentials exist throughout the Nervous System, the Primo Vascular system (PVS), and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians. Biophotons result from the body-wide movement of electrical charges, within the meridians, blood, PVS, nerve fibers, mitochondrial respiratory activities, and basic electrolytic properties of the body’s structured water content.
  • Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – in other words: light. All living cells of plants, animals, and human beings emit biophotons that cannot be seen by the naked eye. (Bischof)

There are Four Major Battery Packs in your Body:

  • Muscle Battery Pack – Your muscles are stacked in a specific order to provide piezoelectric electron energy exchange. Each organ has a corresponding muscle power pack – the muscles are surrounded by fascia and collagen, and the primo vascular system (PVS) is designed to move electrons/energy at a light speed, in specific directions. Together the muscle stack along with the PVS serves as the wiring system for your body, carrying energy through the PVS to each organ. These pathways have been shown to correlate with acupuncture meridians.
  • Cell Membranes – made of phospholipids (fat cells) – act as capacitors to store electrons/energy.
  • Mitochondria – ADP/ATP production during cellular respiration is a rechargeable battery in every cell.
  • Water – negatively charged structured water found in the cells, and the extracellular tissues. Healthy mineralized water supports health in ways we have yet to fully appreciate.

Healthy Voltage across the body produces a specific spectrum of light as captured by BEST scan.

What is your energy level?

Are you running in the red, green or somewhere in between? Find out now with the BEST Scan
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