Are you searching for better answers to your healthcare questions?

Ever wonder what your physiology in action looks like?

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Whether you’ve struggled to receive a diagnosis, want a second opinion on your treatment plan, or simply want to get in better mental/physical condition and prevent the onset of disease, the BEST Scan has something novel and powerful to offer. It can revolutionize and help you re-claim your BEST life.

What is the BEST Scan?

The Biofield Energy Systems Technology Scan can help inform your wellness decisions by providing accurate information about your physiology in action - how well your body producing energy and using energy- your bioenergetics.

How does it work?

The BEST Scan is based on coronal discharge imaging – characterizing your energetic response that then are sent to HealthECircuits proprietary algorithms creating a unique report with a personalized dashboard detailing the energy production and usage throughout the body.

Who we serve

Personal Wellness

A HealthECircuits scan provides individualized information to help you reach your wellness goals faster.


Practitioners use HealthECircuits technology to ask better questions, optimize client wellness plans, & much more.

Practitioners and Entrepreneurs

Business builders use HealthECircuits to help clients discover biological coherence to the products they distribute or carry.

Athletic Performance

Athletes gain a competitive edge using the information gained from the BEST Scan.

Resources to help you succeed

HealthECircuits is here to help you get the most out of your investment. That’s why we provide online training as well as webinar training sessions from HealthECircuits experts, so you can learn to use your software like a pro.

Online Coaching

At HealthECircuits we provide one on one coaching or one on family, or any mix of support that will help you to succeed, not only in understanding your BEST Scan results but in adapting the lifestyle changes needed for you to reach your Health and Wellness goals.

Master Classes

HealthECircuits offers Master Classes to help you understand the principles that support a connected and healthy life. We delve into eastern, western, ayurvedic, and energy medicine, and how they all can be applied to support the best version of you!

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