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Join Health-E-Circuits in saving lives and improving quality of life using the Biofield Energy Systems Technology (BEST) scan, educational resources, health coaching, and health advocacy.

Science & Research

Learn about the Science and Research behind the exciting Biofield Energy Systems Technology (BEST) Scan.

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Benefits of the BEST Scan

Efficient and easy to do and incorporate into your health routine, and/or your professional health practice.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in your life or your patient’s life, and at the same time optimize health and wellness outcomes.

Non-invasive, improve quality of life, and save lives

Just minutes to have a full body vital system assessment

Low cost

Gain invaluable insights into achieving true health and wellness

Non-invasive, improve quality of life, and save lives

Just minutes to have a full body vital system assessment

Low Cost

Gain invaluable insights into achieving true health and wellness

According to experts in the field Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Robert Becker, and Dr. Jerry Tennant, as well as many others, the body is electric, and vibrant with energy. The combination of your mind and body represent magnificent waves of energy.

Every cell in your body is a battery. Every cell conducts approximately 1.4 volts of energy. With approximately 50 trillion cells in the body, that’s over 70 trillion volts of electricity being generated right now in your body!! Now you can see and know where and how that energy is moving, or not moving as the case may be in your body via the BEST Scan.

It’s painless, totally non-invasive, takes only 10 minutes to do, and you are provided a fully informative report on how energy is being produced, used, and moved throughout your body.

Happy Clients

I’m so glad I found Health-E-Circuits, and Dr. Rizzo – it’s made all the difference to my health and feeling great!

” Dr. Rizzo was able to figure out my sudden spike in blood pressure with her finger scan technology. She has also helped me clear up candida and other conditions with not only her assessment tool but also her wise counsel on appropriate supplements to help my body get back on track. I see her quarterly as part of my health maintenance. I trust her and enjoy her kind and empathic nature. She is great at explaining the systems of the body, and why each system receives benefits from the supplements she recommends. Every time I have my appointment, I leave feeling more informed and excited to give my body the nutrients it needs for optimal functioning.”


To learn what my body is doing on the inside, and how and where energy is being used is fascinating – a true gift.

Mitochondrial respiration, measured in real-time with the BEST scan, allows for true insight into your body’s energy production and utilization.

  1. Do you suffer from constant fatigue?
  2. Is poor energy production contributing to health or illness?
  3. Are your lifestyle choices producing good energy or an energy drag for the body?
  4. Are you aware of what food choices produce energy and which don’t?
  5. Are you aware of how your water consumption affects your body?
  6. Is your body using your supplements, are they doing what you think they’re doing?

The status of your autonomic nervous system, your overall “sensing” system, is fully assessed with BEST.

Gain invaluable insights into how your perceptions are influencing your physiology, and how environmental factors are contributing to changes in your energy patterns. What you “believe” your body will build.

What is your nervous system perceiving?
Perception is the key to what is happening in your world. Do your perceptions relate to you a dangerous world or a world of possibility and vitality? Your physiology will respond to either perception.
Is that perception contributing to health or illness?
If you are percieving that you are at risk, the autonomic nervous system will be in sympathetic mode – the flight or fight mode. This causes a depression of your immune system. While the opposite is believing that you are safe, then you can experience parasympathetic mode – the rest and relax mode – where your immune system and digestive processes can flourish.
Is your environment creating a toxic overload for your nervous system?
Toxins are a part of our daily life. The air we breathe the food we eat, the places we live, and play. All can contribute to the toxin load our body experiences. On top of all this can be the more serious toxins of how we are thinking too.
Are you aware of what’s really stressing you out?
Do you take time to look at the stress in your life? Sometimes honest reflection can help alleviate or even remove the stressor. Meditation, HeartMath, and other practices can help bring a higher degree of awareness and preparedness to face our daily challenges.
Are you making optimal lifestyle choices?
Do you strive to eat good foods, drink clean and revitalizing water, get enough sleep, and exercise? Or are you sabotaging your goals with choices you are making?

About Health-E-Circuits and the BEST Scan

Health-E-Circuits is an amazing resource that offers the BEST Scan, healing, and educational resources. The BEST (Biofield Energy Systems Technology) Scan is a technology with far-reaching implications for helping people achieve true insights into their own health, what drives their body, and sense of wellness. It originated with Dr. Nancy R. Rizzo, a radiation oncology biophysicist who has studied and evolved the technology over the last 20 + years. Health-E-Circuits and the BEST scan is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of exploration, development, and perseverance.

Go to the science and research page to learn more about how the BEST scan works, or better yet schedule your scan today to get the inside scoop on you!

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in your life, or your patient’s life, optimizing health and wellness outcomes.

Health E Circuits Resources

Science & Resarch

Learn about the Science and Research behind the exciting Health-E-Circuit technology.

Scan Report

The Health-E-Circuit scan report is comprehensive, including information on more than 49 systems and structures within the body.

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Experience true insights into the energetic movement of your mind and body. Schedule your scan today.

Using the BEST scan results can help foster resilience and power by attaining insights into your mind and body.

Now more than ever, it is time to know and support your health and wellbeing.

Whether you are an individual seeking your own answers to attaining better health and vitality, or a healthcare professional looking to improve patient care, the BEST scan is your solution.

Contact Health-E-Circuits to find out in greater detail how the BEST scan can help you.

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